Since 2003 Performance Healthware has been committed to providing quality products to you with the highest level of service.

We are your “one stop shop” Sports Injury Store, carrying a wide range of products from custom orthotics to over the counter insoles, custom and OTC braces along with therapy and rehabilitation products. We also offer direct billing to MB Health, MPI, WCB, and DVA where applicable.

Our staff at Performance Healthware consists of professionally trained individuals that have backgrounds in athletic therapy, fitness assessment, massage therapy and orthopedic appliance fitting. We work hard to meet all of the bracing, fitness and rehabilitation needs of an individual. A Certified Orthotist is on staff to provide our clients with the best fit for all custom braces. You can be assured that our knowledgeable and trained staff will recommend the right orthopedic product for the diagnosis, fit the device correctly and assess the appropriate brace for the lifestyle and sports activities.